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Corporate Casino Events in London

Corporate Casino Events in London

Corporate Events – Private Client Dining Club

Funky Casinos are always popular at corporate events and here you can see why….

We were honoured to be involved in an event at the Private Client Dining Club (PCD) to provide the after dinner entertainment for a high level networking evening for business people who work with high net worth individuals.

The event was held at the luxury Sofitel St James just off Pall Mall in London by a private client dining club. After a sumptuous five star meal and presentation by their guest speaker, Sean Moran from the Bermuda Development Agency, it was time for the guests to let their hair down. Whilst dinner was being served, we set up our blackjack and roulette games in the drinks foyer, where guests also had access to rum cocktails at the free bar!

As you can see from the photo which PCD have kindly allowed us to use, guests had a great time. In their day jobs, they advise people on investments worth millions of pounds, but with Funky Casinos, they could relax in the knowledge that they weren’t playing with real cash at all. Actually, the stakes were far higher than that – they were playing for their honour! At the end of the evening, the person who had the most chips not only got a personalised winners certificate, they also had the kudos of beating everyone else.

courtesy of PCD

From our point-of-view, they were a very competitive bunch of people who took their fun very seriously. But the accolade eventually went to Johnny Gamble (a very apt name!) from ARC Ltd in Guernsey.

The networking and casino evening was a mid-week affair which meant that many PCD members who were in London on business could attend it. This sort of networking and casino dinners work extremely well in the working week, especially for ‘out-of-towners’ who would otherwise be left watching TV in their hotel rooms. It’s an excellent opportunity for people to get to know their contacts on a personal level which really helps to strengthen their working relationships.

If you need to inject a bit of fun into your corporate networking event, whether it’s large or small, get in touch to see how we can help make it even more memorable.

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