Charity Fund Raising Casino Hire – Funky Casinos
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Charity Fund Raising Casino Hire

Charity Fund Raising Entertainment


We find the best way to boost your charity donations for the event is to try and cover any outgoings i.e from the hire of a fun casino, other entertainments etc from the sale of advance event admission tickets. Any other “buy ins” for more chips (or charity donations) will then be your profit.

You could try and get a local business to sponsor your event or in return for printing their business logo on all the vouchers, they could provide some prizes to be handed out.

You will appoint someone as your “cashier” who will sell vouchers for cash to your guests. The guests can then exchange these vouchers for chips at the gaming tables. The guests can then play all the games and continue to buy additional vouchers throughout the event.

At the end of the gaming session, the chips are added up and the person with the most chips is the winner. A prize can be awarded to the biggest winners.

There are many ways you can raise extra funds during this time by running a Lotto of all the 37 numbers on the Roulette wheel. These could be sold for £1 each, the ball spun and a small prize awarded to the lucky ticket owner of the winning number.

Legal implications for Charity Fundraising


Charity status will need to be shown if any charge is made for entry to the event or if vouchers are bought for charitable donations (money) An official representative or committee member of the charity must be present at all times during fun gaming.

The fun casino must not be the only or main entertainment offered to guests as an inducement to attend. It shall be the responsibility of the event organisers to advertise the event locally and sell advance tickets.

In any advertising for the event the word CASINO must always be preceded by the word FUN, PRIZE or CHARITY.

Admission to the event must be by ticket only. A representative /volunteer of the charity group must be available to act as casino cashier for the duration of gaming. The duties of the cashier shall include collecting all “buy ins” and issuing table buy in vouchers /tickets. Organisers must supply secure table buy in vouchers /tickets.Under no circumstances must cash prizes be offered or given. No persons under the age of sixteen (16) years may participate in any charity event fun gaming.

Strictly no gambling to take place whatsoever. You do not need a gaming licence to have a fun casino. We fully comply with the Amusement and Lotteries Act 1976.

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