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Are you having a Partayyyy???

Are you having a Partayyyy???

Well if the answer is yes, here’s a nice little guide to getting it right! This is what the party professionals do and it’s all about the planning….


Three weeks before the big day

Make a list of people you want to invite:

Always invite 20% more people than you can fit in as on average, only 70-80% turn up. The rest don’t know what they’re missing.

Decide on a theme if you want one:

If you do decide on a theme, then your decorations, music and what you are going to wear have to match so you’ll need to sort this out in plenty of time. James Bond is a good one – and you’ll need a fun casino for that one (got to get a little ‘plug’ in somewhere)

Send invitations:

By mail, email, Facebook or even by phone.

Plan the Menu:

Get the recipes together. Always best to choose dishes that can be made ahead and frozen so you are not rushing about on the day ending up red faced and stressed instead of the ‘hostess with the mostest’. Compile a shopping list.


Two weeks before the big day

Come up with a suitable playlist:

This has got to last the duration of the party and it’s a good idea to make it upbeat, you don’t want depressed guests… If you have a theme, then music to match would be good.

Get shopping

Get your ‘Delia’ hat on as now’s the time to get some food in and start preparing.


One Week before the big day

 Clean the house from top to bottom.

You know it’s all done then for the party and you’ll just need to give it a quick onceover on the day.

Set the Stage

Rearrange the furniture as you’ll want it for the party and put away anything fragile that you don’t want to get broken – you don’t want your drunk Auntie Joan knocking over the Ming Vase when she’s trying to twerk. Decide what lighting you’re going to have and buy suitable bulbs if needed.

Cookware and Serving dishes

Make sure you’ve got enough serving dishes – buy or borrow some if you have to. If you want to be really organised, then label each one for what you are going to use it for.

Stock the Bar

Depending on the amount your guests are likely to drink, allow four bottles of wine for three people – but it’s always better to have more than you need to avoid a late night trip to the ‘offie’..


Three days before the big day

Tell your neighbours:

Let them know that outside your house is going to look like an NCP car park and that there might be a bit of noise – inviting them usually overcomes any objections.

Start decorating

No not with Dulux – it’s a bit late for that. Put up decorations, arrange candles etc.

Bathroom Cabinet

If you’ve got bits in the cupboards you don’t want people to see, put it away somewhere safe. Guests are naturally nosy and will find your pile cream or hubby’s Viagra.

Allocate a room or space for coats

Self explanatory

Finish your shopping

Also self explanatory


One Day before the Big Day

Set the table and finish off the cooking. Give the house a quick onceover.


Day of the Big Day

Finish the cooking

You should have done it all by now so there shouldn’t be much left to do.

Display food

One to two hours before your guests arrive, put out food that won’t curl up (sandwiches) or go soggy (crisps). Cover tightly and whip off the cling film when the first guest arrives.

Greet your Guests

In a perfect world, you’ve got nothing else to do as your hair is perfectly coiffed, you look amazing and your party will be a resounding success. Everyone will think you’re a domestic goddess and an excellent party planner.


But there’s only one thing missing…….

You haven’t organised your fun casino! Funky Casinos to the rescue…. they will attend any event, large or small at any venue in London or the South East so give Cathy a call on 07798 904 508 or fill out the contact form online.

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