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Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies

Whether you’re planning a small event on one on the scale of the Oscars, its still an important occasion and needs careful planning. Whether it͛s an individual or a company, Award winning carries an awful lot of weight, celebrating hard work and recognition for businesses. Another challenge is making the event enticing enough for people to want to attend especially if they are not receiving an award!


Networking: Encourage networking throughout the day/evening and consider side rooms for particular subjects eg. speakers especially if they are associated with award winners.

Food & drink: awards events work well with a sit-down dinner with a meal provided before the awards are presented. Free wine at the table is always a winner!

Speakers: The added value of a good speaker that people want to see is a good reason for people to attend but remember to budget for this!

Entertainment: A buzzing event will get talked about so consider local bands or dance groups, magicians or a fun casino (more about that later).

Knowing how much you have to spend will determine the ticket price and profit made and will typically need to cover such things as venue, food, drink, entertainment, marketing, decoration, special guests and speakers. Sticking to your budget is massively important, update outgoings regularly and always allow for an overspend of 5-15% just in case.

Invitations First
Impressions matter so ensure that the invitation reflects the type of ceremony you are holding. They need to spark interest and excitement so everyone looks forward to the event.

Judges need to be experts in their field and need to be able to judge independently and fairly. If this is not the case, it reduces the costs associated with winning the award so has to be right! A Master of Ceremonies This is important to make the event run smoothly so recruit someone who is charismatic, likeable, articulate and knows about the industry and is preferably entertaining!

Here’s a couple of ideas: Using videos on TV screens to show those nominated and why, including messages from sponsors – a great way to advertise…A phone app showing seating plans, nominees, running order and sponsors can be used as well as or instead of a paper version.

Table Planning
Give the option of selling whole tables which leaves the networking in their hands and they can invite external agencies or contributors.Alternatively, selling individual tickets is a good option but make sure the final guest list knows exactly who͛s sitting where. A short bio of each attendee added to the table plan is great for networking.

To make it unforgettable, why not consider a theme? Hiring costumes is sometimes a deterrent and an additional expense but a black tie event is safe (and everyone likes to dress up now and then). A Vegas theme ties in nicely with this and to add more glamour, why not hire Funky Casinos? Experienced croupiers bring the Roulette and Blackjack tables to you, recreating the thrill and excitement of the casino at your venue.


If you are organising an event and would like to make it unforgettable, please do contact us and we can provide more information for you.

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