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An Evening at the Waldorf

An Evening at the Waldorf

On the 17th of December, Funky Casinos hosted another fabulous event for one of our loyal customers, Barbican Insurance. Hosted at the Waldorf Hotel in the West End, surrounded by a jungle of theatres and fancy restaurants – it really is the dream location for anybody looking to dress up in a party frock.

Founded in 1908, by the 1st Viscount Astor, this building is a staple within London’s theatre district. It is grade II listed, showcasing the very best of Edwardian architecture. The original Titanic film, A Night to Remember, was actually filmed at the Waldorf, in an attempt to show just how luxurious the famous ship was.

Walking through the grand entrance makes you feel a little like Marilyn Monroe, and once inside it gets even swankier. Everywhere you look there is marble; well-lit chandeliers; velvet curtains, drapes and studded armchairs; chaise longues; Art Deco-style furniture, and of course antique brass metalwork. It’s like stepping back in time to the mid 20’s, the perfect fit for a casino themed party!

The party itself takes place in the very grand Palm Court, which holds about 200 people. Marble flooring covers the room, paired with deep red curtains and finished with gold furnishings. There is even a grand piano, giving the venue that old fashioned, luxurious feel. Barbican Insurance had arranged that they would eat dinner, listen to the speeches etc in the adjoining room to the Palm Court before making their way down the marble steps, with champagne in hand, to the Palm Court for casino games. This was perfect for us as it meant we were able to set up the tables around the room, amongst the swanky pop-up bars. By the time the guests arrived the entire court felt like a classy, sophisticated casino, ready for a night full of games.

We set up the most popular games for the guests, roulette and blackjack, offering a personalised framed certificate for the overall winner of the night. They did really well- putting their last stack of chips on number 17!

This is really popular and creates a bit of friendly competition between the different teams within the firm. A personalized framed certificate was awarded to the worthy winner and a bottle of champagne. Looking around, the party dresses, matched with the extravagant setting of the Waldorf, meant it really did feel like we had transported back in time to a 1920’s ball. I was half expecting James Dean to stroll in at any moment!

The Waldorf is a perfect location for anyone looking to host a casino party; the setting works well for any sized party, and the fancy nature of the hotel means your guests really will feel like royalty as they spend the night congregating around a roulette table, drinking and laughing with friends or guessing what the next card on blackjack will be. It’s central London location also makes life a little easier for guests, with multiple tube stops being just a stone’s throw away or alternatively, the hotel is able to book taxis at your request.

Interested in hosting your own casino party at the Waldorf or another venue you have in mind? Funky Casinos would love to hear from you, so drop us a message via our website or give Cathy a call on 07798 904 508.

A night to remember long after the roulette ball stops spinning……

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