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Casino Table Etiquette

Casino Table Etiquette

You may be about to attend your first fun casino event or off to the mecca of gambling Las Vegas and wondering what is the etiquette of the poker table. Now we all have different personalities, beliefs and views on life and the casino is full of many characters, so how do you fit in at the poker table?

If you are new to the poker table and are attending just a fun casino event or party the etiquette of tables will be very different to a high stakes table. So let’s talk casino etiquette and how to fit into the big casino occasions or fun casino party evenings that are out there.

Firstly do not over power the table the moment you arrive, take some time to step back and evaluate the players around the casino table and what stage a game is at. There’s no point trying to jump into a high stake or highly pressured game on any casino table. Understand who is playing and how serious the stakes are on the table you’re about to join.

Avoid at all times discussing your strategy; keep that to yourself at any casino table you are involved in. If you are criticised or someone comments on your play, do not explain yourself. There are many strategic casino table players out there and they are waiting to break down your strengths and weaknesses, especially at the poker table. Poker is the casino table where the strategy matters most and having a poker face and mentality is key to a winning strategy. Capitalise on your mistakes at the poker table, if they think you are a newbie or inexperienced you become less of a threat in a poker game but be aware many great players use this angle too.

The time to talk strategy is away from the table with a friend, the danger of talking poker strategy at the table is that your new best poker friend may love talking strategy and be completely genuine or he may just want your ideas. Do not fall in the bad habit of talking poker strategy at the casino table.

Now it happens less at charity casino evenings, corporate casino evenings or just good fun casino parties but criticising and making comments on other player’s mistakes or misplays is a no go. It’s not in your best interests to drive away players from a casino table, it’s all about the money and they are contributing to the winner’s pot just like you.

Terrible and unskilled players get lucky at the casino tables, yes it sucks if you are a skilled player but it’s fantastic when you’re a newbie and get lucky but don’t gloat and fist pump the air! Good casino table etiquette is to congratulate winners and all celebrate in great wins, whether they are lucky or strategic, many big winners take big risks, acknowledge those players. When you behave this way at the casino table you will attract good poker company and you casino evening will be fun with your new made friends.

Now I’m not saying in this article that you have to be the super polite good guy all the time but make sure you know when and how to rattle your fellow players at the poker table in the casino, at fun party casino events and evenings that is a big part of making the evening fun. In a casino in Las Vegas, London or any major casino establishment throughout the world the game of poker and the etiquette at any casino table will be very different, that’s not say it won’t be fun and all serious but you have to evaluate and play accordingly.

Have great fun at the casino table whether you are completely new or a regular casino user because it should be fun. I have been in the casino environment for over 25 years and every table that I work brings new surprises and fun whether its high stakes game in a London casino or at one of the many Funky Casino events I plan every year for corporates and individuals. I look forward to welcoming you to a casino table near to me very soon.

If you are interested in booking a fun casino event then please contact me on 07798  904508 or fill out the enquiry form online here

Cathy Prested

Funky Casinos

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